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Geo Caching for Science

Download our apps from the Apple Store or Google Android Play store and start geo-caching for Science.


Through our apps you can locate a spot  on land or underwater being monitored, or start your own monitoring a new site. By taking pictures of the same site over time we can create time-series. This process is called photo-point and is widely used to show environmental trends.  


Over time those analysis will be shown on this web site as well as provided to various scientific institutions engaged in cutting edge climate and planetary science. 

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Learn about what to take pictures of?

You can access the FAQ knowledge base on the app to learn how to use it and what makes for good subjects for photo-point monitoring. Additionally our Field Notes on this web site will teach you about the ecosystems being monitored and get you familiar with how to survey sites using our apps

What is photo-point 

The practice of taking pictures near the same location over time (days, weeks, months, years…) is known as photo point monitoring or repeat photography.
Photo point monitoring is a fairly simple way to track changes but utilizes a variety of technology in the performance, recording and analysis. 
The baseline photo are generally taken by one of our scientists while subsequent ones were taken by citizen scientists with camera phones and our mobile phone apps.
Many analysis can then be done on the temporal and geo-located pictures and our science team is researching new ways to analyze those time series via machine learning and other analytics techniques. The resulting data is published as open access data sets for the benefit of humanity. 
Our Marine and Terrestrial Map Atlas
See our Atlas of survey sites for both terrestrial and marine sites. Our photo point campaign launched in 2020 so the maps are constantly updating as new citizen scientists add more survey pictures and sites. If a site is near you adopt it and take more pictures over time. Otherwise learn more about what makes for a goos site in our Field Notes and add your own favorite site. 

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