Our Education Programs

Our Citizen Science platforms provide a unique platform to teach science in an engaging, spiraling and experiential manner. Our team has tested this approach in K-12 schools across the country and discovered that the experiential, environmental science approach improves dramatically student engagement and retention and stimulates critical thinking and team work, across genders and socio-economic status. 
Engaging in real scientific research has proven to be an empowering experience for students and we have demonstrated a mind shift towards towards science and scientific learning on the part of students that is transformational and life-long. 
In 2019 we begun the process to formalize the student curriculum utilizing a spiraling approach, which means that the same problems in environmental and  planetary science are studied at each grade level, but at higher depth and with higher sophistication as students progress,  We also have integrated core science disciplines in a true interdisciplinary curriculum, helping put relevancy to subject matter that might otherwise appear too abstract to the students. 
The curriculum is currently being published in our Field Notes and is not currently complete. However as each capsule is completed we are making it available for use by any interested teacher or school. Additionally special interdisciplinary tools are being developed for class-room use in technology, Artificial Intelligence and Data Science that support the citizen science tools. 
If you are a teacher or educator interested in accessing our curriculum under development, receive professional training or access some of our technology tools please contact us
If you register on our site, we will keep you posted on the publication of the curriculum and any other resources as they become available. 




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